sewage treatment in cork and munster

Sewage Treatment Solutions

Mechanical aeration systems may be used to treat wastewater from a dwelling house where a site is unsuitable for a conventional septic tank system or they may be used as an alternative to septic tank systems on suitable sites. The effluent from all mechanical aeration systems should be treated on a polishing filter where the final discharge is to groundwater. Many systems are available on the market and include the following:

  • Biofilm aerated filter (BAF) systems;
  • Rotating biological contactor (RBC) systems;
  • Sequencing batch reactors (SBR); and
  • Membrane filtration systems.

Mechanical aeration systems differ from the simpler septic tank in a number of critical ways. They comprise a number of components some of which are mechanical and/or electrical. The systems are more complex and opportunities for breakdown are greater, therefore these systems require closer monitoring and more detailed maintenance than the simpler conventional septic tank systems. On the other hand, as a consequence of the more complex design and construction of mechanical aeration systems, they can produce a higher quality effluent in terms of organics and micro-organisms than a septic tank typically can. Mechanical systems are often more sensitive to grease loading so the use of a grease trap may be recommended. Their sludge storage capacity should be checked with the manufacturer at the time of purchase to establish the necessary frequency of de-sludging. It is recommended that tank should be designed to store the sludge capacity for at least once per year and checked at least once per year.

Other treatment systems may be introduced from time to time to treat wastewater. Such systems include other activated sludge systems, other membrane bioreactors or composting units. Where such products are introduced independent certification will be required prior to the use of these systems in association with single house developments. Such accreditation will be obtained either through the current Agrément Certification process or other specified certification system.
Polishing filters should typically follow such systems to reduce micro-organisms to required levels.

If you are having a problem with your existing sewage treatment system or experiencing difficulties planning your new wastewater needs contact us and we will help you solve your environmental on-site sewage treatment solution.