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Sewage Treatment Plants

Biosafe Wastewater Treatment System

The best designs are the simplest. So if you require trouble free sewage treatment, you’re sure
to be impressed with the new Biosafe. Fluidised fixed-film biozones are used as the operating process resulting in a cleaner, quieter and more efficient treatment plant.


  • Unobtrusive below ground installation
  • Suitability for varying invert levels
  • 450 and 750mm invert options
  • Excellent durability
  • Low profile results in shallow depth excavation
  • Simple maintenance with easy desludging
  • Pumped discharge option available
  • Compliant with BS EN-12566 Part 3
  • Proven standards of discharge - 20mg/l BOD and 30mg/l S.S.

A new generation of treatment plants for treating domestic sewage waste in a compact system of three separate stages within a ‘unitank’ design. The fluidised fixed-film bio-zone process provides an extremely robust means of reducing ammoniacal nitrogen. Raw sewage flowing to the unit is received in the primary settlement zone. Gross solids settle to the bottom the residual effluent (supernatant liquor) is displaced from the primary stage into the two-stage bio-zone. Flow circulation in the bio-zone is generated by the effect of a fine bubble system. During several passes through the beds the supernatant liquor is purified by naturally occurring micro-organisms (biomass) that grow on the media. The liquid displaced to the outlet is treated, and known as final effluent

Biosafe Wastewater Treatment System Brochure PDF