sewage treatment in cork and munster

Service & Maintenance of sewage treatment and wastewater management systems.

Maintenance of all wastewater treatment systems is essential to ensure effective treatment of the domestic wastewater. Homeowners are responsible for the proper installation, operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment system
The manner in which the treatment system is maintained after it is installed is of equal importance to ensure that the environment is protected on an on-going basis after the house is occupied.

Mechanical aeration treatment systems, which may be used for either secondary or tertiary treatment (such as RBC’s, BAF’s, SBR’s and micro-filtration systems), rely on the precise functioning of mechanical and/or electrical components for proper operation. For this reason the level of maintenance required is more complex. Apart from carrying out periodic visual inspections of the system, there will also be a requirement to repair service or even replace components, which become worn out through use, over time. Different manufactures will design and configure their products in different ways, so the maintenance regime will vary from system to system. With mechanical treatment systems the user is advised to consult the manufacturer’s instructions in all cases in order to decide on the appropriate maintenance approach to take, including de-sludging frequency

The septic tank, the distribution system and the percolation area all require inspection to ensure effective operation of the system, and periodic maintenance to ensure that the system continues to work effectively over time
The septic tank is a passive treatment unit that typically requires little operator intervention. Regular inspections (approximately every 6 months) and sludge pumping (every 2 years) are the only operation and maintenance requirements.
Inspections are performed to observe sludge and scum accumulations, structural soundness, watertightness, and condition of the inlet to, and outlet from the tank

No one likes to worry about problems involving drains and sewage.  We all like to forget the tank at the end of the garden and hope that it will all be fine.  In most cases there is never a problem, as Klargester wastewater systems have been designed to minimise the chances of breakdowns.  What we cannot plan ahead for is the possibility of something blocking the system, adverse weather causing flooding or electrical supply problems.  It’s then when you wish you had more cover.  The new service packages provide the cover you want for your particular needs.

What do I get?

  • A service package from Klargesters parent company Kingspan.
  • Service designed to protect your property.
  • Available in three distinct packages. 
  • Ensures that you don’t need to worry about potential sewage problems.

Please contact us directly to discuss your requirements in detail.