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Forecourt Seperator

Forecourt separators are full retention separators specified to retain on site the maximum spillage likely to occur on a petrol filling station. They are required for both safety and environmental reasons and will treat spillages occurring during vehicle refuelling and road tanker delivery. The size of the separator is increased in order to retain the possible loss of the contents of one compartment of a road tanker, which may be up to 7,600 litres.


The forecourt separator is designed for installation in petrol filling station forecourts and similar applications. The function of the separator is to intercept hydrocarbon pollutants such as petroleum and oil and prevent their entry to the drainage system, thus protecting the environment against hydrocarbon contaminated surface water run-off and gross spillage.


Operation ensures that the flow cannot exit the unit without first passing through the coalescer assembly.

In normal operation, the forecourt separator has sufficient capacity to provide storage for separated pollutants within the main chamber, but is also able to contain up to 7,600 litres of pollutant arising from the spillage of a fuel delivery tanker compartment on the petrol forecourt. The separator has been designed to ensure that oil cannot exit the separator in the event of a major spillage; subsequently the separator should be emptied immediately

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