sewage treatment in cork and munster


Cesspools provide effective containment of Domestic Sewage

A Klargester cesspool provides a reliable solution for locations without mains drainage, where the discharge of treated effluent is not permissible due to unsuitable ground conditions, or where infrequent or seasonal use, such as a holiday home, would prevent the successful functioning of a BioDisc® treatment plant, for example

Cesspools are for storage only and their contents have to be emptied at regular intervals by tanker. A 'high level' alarm is available for monitoring the cesspool for optimum usage.

For a single dwelling 18180 litres (4000 gallons) is the minimum allowable capacity. This capacity is suitable for two residents only. This size should be increased by 6800 litres (6.8m3) for each additional user. For non-domestic applications refer to Klargester for advice on the capacity and type of tank

Sealed Cesspool Brochure pdf